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You can only find Mr. Hankey at the retail locations listed on our retailers page.

Any issue with any order must be reported to us within 3 days of the date of delivery. If you have an issue with your order/toy and it does not need to be unwrapped, please leave it wrapped & sealed. Carefully inspect your toy before unwrapping it, if you report an issue that could have been determined before unwrapping it, we cannot honor any warranty or replacement, etc. Any issues need to be reported within 3 days or we may not honor any request for a replacement, missing items, etc. You can email us at or contact us in our header under the 'Contact Us' link if you have an issue with your order once received. 

This is an attachment hole. Many 3rd party retailers sell attachments such as handles, suction cups and even some sex machines may be compatible.

The user should be very carefull around this part of the toy. We do not trim the edge of this hole and it will be prone to chipping and splitting if not used correctly. Very little site to side force should be used with this hole, it may split. Caution should be used when inserting any attachment. A small amount of dish soap, baby powder, lube, etc. should be used when inserting any attachment. Chipping (not splitting) is common and may result in small chipped areas around the perimeter of the hole. This is typically harmless as these rarely spread or grow and typically won't affect the toys use. If a split forms, it should be repaired. A common glue used to mend splits is called Sil-Poxy. We sell a .5oz tube that may be purchased here.


If your are inside the US, your order will take approximately 2-5 days to arrive via USPS Priority mail after it is shipped. Orders from the West Coast generally arrive 2-3 days after being shipped. Orders from the East Coast generally arrive in 3-5 days after being shipped. Orders from the Midwest can vary between 2 and 4 days. This is only an estimate of transit time if there are no delays, and actual shipping times may vary.

If you are outside the US, your order will be shipped to you via FedEx or USPS Priority Mail and should arrive 7-10 days after being shipped (if there are no delays). We ask that customers please allow up to 8 weeks on all international orders. We typically ship via FedEx on most international orders, but we’re required to use USPS when shipping to certain destination countries. We reserve the right to select the carrier at the time of shipping.

Because we generally incur a loss on shipping costs, we reserve the right to select the most affordable shipping option, and may select a carrier based on cost. We reserve the right to select the shipping carrier at all times.

After you place your order, you will receive an automated tracking information to the email you provided. This tracking information is automatically sent once your shipping label is printed, but it does not mean that your order has shipped. Orders will typically ship according to the schedule below. If you cannot find your tracking information, check your spam folder or check another email account you may have used. If you still cannot find your tracking information, then contact us and we will assist you.

Orders are generally manufactured according to the schedule below. This can vary depending on the volume of orders we’re experiencing. During sales or new product releases, you may experience an additional wait time of 1-3 days.


If you place your order on one of the following days before 12:00pm PST:

Monday - it will typically be manufactured on Tuesday and shipped Wednesday.

Tuesday - it will typically be manufactured on Wednesday and shipped Thursday.

Wednesday - it will typically be manufactured on Thursday and shipped on Friday.

Thursday - it will typically be manufactured on Friday and shipped on Saturday.

Friday - it will typically be manufactured on Saturday and shipped on Monday.

Saturday - it will typically be manufactured on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday.

Sunday - it will typically be manufactured on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday.


*These are estimates only. Your order may take between 1-5 days to manufacture before it ships. If you have placed an order and cannot track it after 5 days, please email us at If it has not been 5 days since you placed your order, please wait to contact us. Note: Custom orders may take slightly longer than this to process. 


If you have placed an order and want to cancel it, you must notify us immediately.

Because we make each order individually, depending on the options you selected at checkout for your toy, it is almost impossible for us to resale your toy quickly once it is made. Canceled orders are almost always destroyed, or sold at a high discount in bulk lots. Because of this, there is a 50% restocking fee on any order that gets canceled after the product is manufactured.

For this reason, we ask that you try to let us know immediately when you decide you want to cancel your order. This saves everybody's time and money.

If your product has shipped, we cannot provide a refund. Once your order leaves our shop and is in transit, you cannot cancel your order.

If you need to cancel your order, contact us at


We manage all communication via email, to help us keep track of our correspondence. If you would like to contact us, you can send us an email from our Contact & Retailers page, or email us directly at We generally respond to emails between the hours of 7:00am-5:00pm PST Monday through Saturday. We aim to respond within 24 hours, though you can usually expect to hear from us promptly. If you are emailing us regarding an order, please include your first and last name, and your 5-digit order number, so that we can pull up your order.


Due to the nature of the products we sell, we unfortunately cannot take returns once your toy leaves our shop. You can cancel your order if it has not been shipped. If your order has been manufactured but not shipped, any cancelation after that point will incur a 50% restocking fee. If your order has not been manufactured at time of cancelation, you will incur no restocking fee and will receive a full refund. (Please see FAQ question "I Placed an order and now I want to cancel it. What do I do?").

If you notice a defect with your product, simply contact us and we will take care of it. One of the most common mistakes that customers make is placing an order for a toy that is too big. We do not accept returns on orders where the customer has misjudged the size of toy; please pay close attention to the specifications of the toy your are ordering. Specifications for each toy are listed near the bottom of each toy’s product page. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to placing your order.


While we use PayPal to make things easy for our customers, we happily accept credit or debit card, if you prefer those over PayPal.


Hankey's Toys offers two standard levels of firmness for you to choose from when selecting from the drop-down menu: “medium-firm” and “75% soft.”

The best way to explain the difference is to compare our two levels of firmness to an erect penis. Our "Medium Firm" level of firmness is more similar to a fully erect penis while our "75% Soft" firmness is more similar to a penis that is 75-80% erect; easier to bend and nominally more flexible. Our customers generally report that our 75% Soft formula feels more lifelike. It really all depends on whether you prefer your toys on the firmer side or softer side.

We can, at an additional charge, make your toy softer or firmer. Simply add the Custom Firmness Option onto your cart and check out. Email us your name, order number and firmness request. We will confirm that we have received your request. There is no need to contact us prior to placing your order.

For a detailed breakdown of our firmness options, please see our video on the subject and explore our YouTube page to find out more about your options when purchasing with us.


Although it’s extremely rare, the possibility does exist for your package to be lost or stolen on its way to you.

We ask that all customers provide a safe location to receive their package. If your location is not safe, or you live in an apartment or other place where multiple people may have access to your package, we suggest that you add signature confirmation. You can add signature confirmation by sending us an email immediately after placing your order. Include your order number, name, and request signature confirmation. Most customers do not want signature confirmation so we do not make this mandatory - you must add this to your order by emailing us if you would like this option.

We do not offer shipping insurance on any orders placed. 

Unfortunately, we do not cover replacement items for lost and stolen orders. 


If you are in the United States, shipping costs a flat $16.35 no matter how many toys you order. If you are outside the United States, shipping costs only $29.95USD. Our packaging is very discreet, all products are shipped in a plain brown box with no associated return address. If you are within the US, your order will be shipped via USPS. International orders will be shipped via FedEx or USPS at our discretion.


Yes, the customer is responsible for paying any Value Added Tax (VAT), fees or other charges imposed by your country or jurisdiction. It is the customer's responsibility to fulfill any taxes and fees that may be applied to any imported items, which are naturally subject to change according to country and jurisdiction.

If you do not pay taxes or fees to receive your package levied by your country’s customs department, or other government agency, your package may be returned to us. We do not accept refunds once your package is shipped unless there is a defect with the product. Be aware that if your package is returned to us because you refused to pay any associated taxes or fees, you will not be refunded and your item will be destroyed.


WE DO NOT SHIP TO: Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali,  Nicaragua, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, and Darfur, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. Do not attempt to order from these countries above.

Also, be aware that shipping to counties such as Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and others may not arrive due to issues with certain countries' postal systems. We are not at fault if you order from a country that has issues with customs or their postal/shipping services. 


Our current shipping system is automated and may not reflect discounts applied to your order. If you applied a discount or received a partial refund and need us to verify that it is reflected on your customs form, contact us immediately via email. In some cases, we may need to manually enter your discount onto your customs form.

Although we try to ensure that all discounts are reflected accurately on each customs form, if you do not request this immediately after checkout, we cannot guarantee that our automated shipping program will import and/or display applied discounts or partial refunds. If your package is in transit, or your package’s taxes need to be paid, and you wish to request further documentation regarding your discount, please email us prior to paying your fees and we will send you any necessary documentation. No documentation will be falsified under any circumstances or at the receiver’s request.


No. We are legally obligated to accurately complete all customs forms for all items shipped. We cannot falsify any documents for our customers at the customer’s request to avoid taxes, duties, VAT, etc. Your customs form will be marked as "Merchandise" and the actual value will be listed. If you purchased a toy, your item will be accurately listed as a "Silicone Novelty." If you purchased a harness, your item will be accurately listed as a "Harness."

We cannot legally describe your item as anything other than what it is. We will not manually alter the pricing on your customs forms unless you have received a valid discount. Our automated shipping system may not import and/or display any discounts applied or refunded. If you need any valid discount to be listed on your customs form, please notify us immediately upon placing your order. If further documentation is needed by the receiver to provide to the receiver’s customs department showing the actual value or valid discount, we will only provide accurate information and will not falsify any invoices, receipts or other documentation. Do not place your order with us unless you fully understand and are willing to pay any fees, taxes, duties, VAT, etc. that your customs department or Government may charge. We are not responsible for any fees, taxes, duties, VAT, etc. that the receiver’s customs department or Government may charge the receiver.


Yes. One thing we do to help keep our costs lower than our competitors is to not wash the toys after production before they are shipped; we leave that up to the customer. Your toy will most likely have an oily or greasy substance on it. This is a release agent, such as vaseline or similar, that is used to keep your toy from adhering to the mold. This release agent is harmless but should be washed off prior to use. Our materials are tested for a variety of dangerous chemicals, and all of our products are 100% to use on delivery (once you wash them off). To view our most recent testing results, click here.


Any, even silicone. High-grade platinum silicone does not melt when placed in contact with silicone lube or other silicone toys; this is a myth. Manufacturer's of platinum silicone toys who say their toys will melt when placed in contact with other silicone toys or when used with silicone lubricants are either selling something other than high grade platinum silicone, or are not very knowledgeable. You can use any lubricant with any Mr. Hankey's product.


Yes. Since our toys are handmade, there will be slight differences in appearance between toys, no two toys are 100% identical. You may see slight marks or other imperfections on your toy that you may not see on another toy. This may be due to slight differences with our molds, or this can be related to our release agents, which are added to the molds and can create slight differences in textures between toys.

Our colors are hand-mixed in batches. When a batch of color runs out, a new batch is mixed. This new color will be similar to the last batch but never identical.

Our molds may expand slightly or contract over time, and this may cause slight variances in sizes with our toys. These differences are typically negligible. The specifications listed at the bottom or each product page are for general guidance only, the actual dimensions of your toy may vary slightly.

Toys may vary from the product photos slightly. They may contain small markings, colors or other characteristics that are not shown in the product photo for various reasons. Please remember, these are handmade items and can vary slightly from one toy to the next.


The platinum silicone used in our products is made in the United States and certified by an independent laboratory to ISO 10993-10. Biological evaluation of medical devices, Part 10, tests for irritation and skin sensitization. This does not mean that our silicone is medical grade; you should not surgically implant a Boss Hogg Dildo into someone’s chest. What this does mean is that it can be placed in contact with human skin with no concern of adverse reactions. For example, prosthetics may use this type of silicone.

Silicone toy manufacturers do not use true medical-grade silicone for toys, not the type that can be surgically implanted. In fact, most toy makers do not use a platinum silicone that is certified skin safe. Unless they can say it's ISO certified skin safe, they really don't know. You can view our most recent testing results here. We routinely test our products for contaminants and/or harmful chemicals or substances.


Yes, by approximately one inch or less.


Yes, you can purchase the Mr S Leather dildo harness here, this will fit very large toys. You can purchase the Corey J Harness here, this is best for small-large dildos (basically, if you can find a metal ring that fits your toy, you can use this harness). If you want to use a harness with one of our huge dildos such as the Goliath or Ogre 4XL, you can get a custom made harness from these folks, check them out here.


Yes. Start off with two minutes in the microwave and adjust from there. Our silicone can be heated up to very high temperatures, but only recommend keeping it comfortably warm to avoid bodily harm.


No. You can only apply one (1) coupon code from any outside source per order. The only coupon code that you may apply multiple times are coupon codes from our homepage. Any other coupon codes are limited to one (1) per order, and cannot be combined with other outside source codes.


Unfortunately, no. Our toys come from molds and the dimensions cannot be altered. You cannot order a toy in our shop in custom dimensions.


Yes we do. We almost always have toys that we sell at a discount. We only sell these toys in bulk lots, but at highly discounted rates. Customers cannot choose and pick from the lot, and lot sales are "all or nothing". If you would like to inquire about purchasing a bulk lot of toys, please contact us at Serious inquiries ONLY please. Bulk lots start at $200.00, no exceptions. This offer is valid for shipping address within the continental United States only. All payments must be made via PayPal.


We can sell you a coupon code good for the value you pay. Our coupon codes are good for 12 months and must be used within that time period. There are no refunds on purchased coupon codes. Please contact us at if you would like to purchase a coupon code.