Got attachment holes? Wish you had ordered your toy with a hole or do you have non-brand toys that you would like to add a hole to? Now you can use Hankey's Toys attachment hole diamond tipped drill bit to cleanly insert a hole in almost any toy you may own. Directions are below.


  1. Drill with chuck that will accept a 1/2" bit.

  2. Needle nose pliers, the longer and thinner, the better.

WARNING: We are not responsible for the results of the customer's attempt to drill a hole into their toy, and any damages that may arise from the use of this product or any injuries that may arise due to the use of this product are the sole responsibility of the user as we cannot verify the skill, safety or good practices of the user or verify that they are using proper techniques when attempting to drill an attachment hole. Any damage, etc. that occurs while using this bit is solely the responsibility of the user. When using any drill or machinery, always refer to the safety precautions recommended by the manufacturer. We offer no guarantee that the hole produced will meet the requirements of the attachment you are using.


  1. Do not overtighten the chuck or you may bend the hollow core bit. A slight impression from the chuck may occur but if severe bending of the core bit occurs, the bit may wobble and may not be safe to use and/or may not drill a straight hole.

  2. Find the center of the shaft - The center of the shaft does not always align with the center of the base. Some toys have bases that are not centered with the shaft (for example, many toys with testicles). If it helps, measure and mark the center of the shaft with a pen and/or trace the outline of the bit onto the toy before you start.

  3. To avoid damage to the toy, especially on softer formulas such as 40% or Packer soft, we do recommend coating the bit in a light layer of lubricant, soap or grease to the bits head and shaft before drilling. Never handle the bit while the drill has potential to turn on.

  4. Start your drill relatively slow until you go in about a 1/8" and then you can speed up.

  5. When you bottom out, swivel the bit around in a circular motion, this often helps cut the silicone core at it's base and may allow it to come out in one piece.

  6. The plug may come out or it may not. If it does not, it's best to use some needle nose pliers to pull it out. If you pull it out and it breaks you can push the needle nose into the hole and pull any other pieces out.

  7. The method using the bit results in a slightly smaller diameter hole than we normally produce when we cast them directly into the toys we manufacture but we have found that this size hole will stretch to accomodate most attachments.

  8. Be sure to use lubrication on your attachments when inserting or removing them from the toy.

A NOTE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Customers are responsible for paying all duties and taxes for their respective countries

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Attachment Hole
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A NOTE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Customers are responsible for paying all duties and taxes for their respective countries

Return Policy: Due to the nature of our products, there are no returns on orders unless defective. Please pay attention to the dimensions carefully and don't let your eyes get greedier than your hole! Contact me if you have any questions prior to placing your order.

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